-RZ8p8-KK4ulMHGZNdJ_QL6kiYZrfG-issEghefTG3UNo Such Agency held a private showcase for JINAMMI and women’s ready-to-wear line Teatum Jones at our Hollywood showroom and beautiful rooftop that overlooked a vibrant city skyline.

The intimate gathering brought together LA’s most notable fashionistas, all of whom enjoyed cocktails provided by Snow Leopard and delectable hors d’oeuvres from the talented chef, William Annesley.

The creative visionary behind JINAMMI Miss Lee designed a ‘must-have’ stylish clutch made of black and white fabric sent all the way from London from designers Rob Jones and Catherine Teatum – the design duo behind Teatum Jones. [The black and white textile fabric is the same fabric that is used in a variety of key pieces in the Teatum Jones Fall Collection.] For that touch of ultimate luxury, Miss Lee added an accent of black python which wraps around the bag!

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