How Bluer is Revolutionizing the Denim Industry

“Bluer Than Indigo” is a Japanese saying that means, “The student has surpassed the master.” When Jeff Shafer founded his American-made, ethically minded denim company, he named it Bluer, showing that he didn’t just mean to succeed in the denim industry; he meant to revolutionize it.


Working to forever change American textile manufacturing and support the hardworking people who make America great, Bluer released its first collection in fall of 2013. The brand’s transparent process takes place entirely in the U.S.A., starting with cotton grown in Georgia and ending with quality jeans and denim products handmade in Los Angeles. The men’s and women’s jeans, are designed in Portland, woven in North Carolina and sold exclusively online, allowing Bluer to offer the highest quality denim for prices as low as $98.

A quality product and a direct to consumer model is something some other brands are starting to consider, but Bluer has incorporated something that sets it apart from everyone else: a first in the denim industry- free home try-on. Customers can order three pairs of jeans to try on in their homes without paying a cent. After they’ve tried the jeans, with their shoes and their mirror, they can simply send back what they don’t want, with Bluer paying for shipping.
No other denim brand has a genuinely free home try-on program, and it’s not even the coolest thing about Bluer.


Bluer believes repurposing & recycling beats everything in the world of sustainability. Therefore, the brand has introduced a revolutionary program to get unwanted jeans out of its customerʼs closets and into the hands of those in need. For every pair of jeans a customer purchases from bluer, Bluer will buy back a used pair from them for $5. Bluer will subsequently sanitize, repair and deliver the jeans to someone who really needs them. Even though this costs the brand 10% of its revenue, Shafer says it’s the most important element of the brand.
“Iʼll consider The Bluer denim project a failure if Bluer is financially successful but our Buy-One, Give-One program is not adopted by our customers,” said Shafer.

To learn more about the brand that’s changing the denim industry, visit


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