Handmade with Heart: Blessings Brand

NSA has fallen in love with a collection of bracelets that exemplify the laid-back luxury of SoCal.


Blessings Brand was founded in sunshine-drenched Los Angeles, CA by musician and designer Scott Fairbrother. Rock gigs in Hollywood and lazy weekends on the Venice pier have a complementary effect on the creative spirit, and in 2009, Scott launched a leather bracelet design that was as tough, sweet, and hopeful as the city.

Each bracelet is handmade in Los Angeles, embossed with positive affirmations, and fastened with either a heart or peace clasp. Edgy enough for a rock show, but relaxed enough for an afternoon BBQ, the signature designs of Blessings Brand join the intersection of style and effortlessness for which California is famous.

Bracelets come in 11 colors including cranberry, violet, stone, pearl and turquoise, and are offered in two sizes to meet tastes.

Blessings brand is available for purchase at 60 stores around the world and at blessingsbrand.com.



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