unite4: humanity


The fashion world loves a good party, and all the more if it’s for a good cause, so NSA is proudly supporting unite4: good in association with Variety this Friday, Feb 27th at the Sony Pictures Entertainment Lot for their first fundraising event, unite4: humanity.

The star-studded evening will begin with an appearance from President Bill Clinton, who is slated to provide opening remarks. Variety will present several unite4:humanity awards to entertainment industry icons who have created positive, inspirational or socially conscious media and entertainment in the areas of film, television and music. These celebs include Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Martin Scorsese and Demi Lovato. Robert F. Kennedy and Wilmer Valderama will also make appearances.

Following the award presentation, attendees will party with the stars at a cocktail fete featuring the vocal and violin genius of Lindsey Stirling, and a musical set from Demi Lovato. Lastly, Alicia Keys will take to the stage to conclude the night with a soulful performance for all event honorees and attendees.

NSA is inviting our friends to serve the unite4:good mission of promoting positivity, inspiring charitable engagement and empowering acts of kindness and service. For more information on how you can buy tickets to this event, please click here.


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