Tips from Vegas Pros (Not that Kind)

Fashion season for some in the industry is less about New York, London, Paris and Milan, and more about Vegas. Yes, that’s right, while the aforementioned fashion capitals each host their own fashion week, Vegas is the home to the world’s biggest fashion trade show week, boasting countless shows and thousands of brands and designers in attendance, all alongside the world’s fashion buyers trying to pick the best of the best for their stores.

Now that we are (mostly) back from Vegas (whilst others have moved onto New York for Coterie), and whilst trade show week is fresh in our minds, we thought we thought it prudent to write a ‘note to self’ to remind us of how we should have behaved in Sin City. Feel free to add tips of your own!

1. What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas. It is immortalized on the Instagram account of everyone you were with, and they probably haven’t told you.

2. Not turning up at a show because you’re too hungover is the ultimate Vegas clichĂ©. Get dressed, strap it on (as the Brits say) and get back out there.

3. You don’t have to be inebriated to have a great time. At least one of the Hudson guys in this photo doesn’t drink (or indulge in any other substance), and they party like champions. And remember, it takes a properly functioning mind to count to 21, which brings us to number 4.hudson-2

4. Never put it all on Black 13.

5. Hang out with the cute guys from Paige, Hudson and SevenFAM, and listen to them complain about how they hate Vegas.

6. Don’t complain about how you hate Vegas. Just check out the view.

7. OK, complain – it’s tacky and it stinks, but put it into context. How often do we get to stay in luxury hotels, go to parties, see friends from all over the world, and expense it?

8. Driving is a good idea for Angelinos who want the flexibility to come home whenever they’ve had enough, but don’t expect to be able to get anywhere near Sands Expo at 5 p.m. on Thursday night. Traffic is so bad, you’ll want to kill yourself.

9. Boys, don’t drool out of the corner of your mouths at the waitresses dressed as hookers.

10. Hanging out with the Flaunt Magazine gang until 4 a.m. is in direct contradiction to at least three of the above.



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