Ashton Michael Shuts Down the Streets for Runway Show

A.M 184736661

It’s not everyday that a Hollywood street is shut down in the name of fashion. But designer Ashton Michael managed to close down his block on Las Palmas Ave (during rush hour!) for an energized fashion show. All of the coolest LA natives came out of the woodwork to take a peek at Ashton’s Spring/Summer 2014 debut.

A.M 184736660

Ashton has been designing since he was 19, and he is known for his ability to create one-of-a-kind pieces for mega celebrities including Cher,, Chris Brown, Azealia Banks and many more. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Adam Lambert, Miguel, Mario, Jeffree Star and various other celebrities were in attendance for his show.

A,M 184736653-1


His Black Cross collection featured multiple masterpieces adorned in black and white leather, silk chiffon, wide legged pants, zipper details and bandanas. Michael stated that the collection was inspired by the tough “street style” of Cholos in Los Angeles, and also by the antithesis of that: Hasidic Orthodox Jewish communities. He may be the only man who can take two polar opposites and create fashion with it, but Ashton Michael is certainly one of a kind.


Referred to as “The best show of LAFW” by The Examiner, Ashton’s show will no doubt be remembered as a smashing success.


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