Highlights of NYFW Spring ’14


Image from nydailynews.com.

Oscar De La Renta took the runway last Tuesday, with model Karlie Kloss beginning his show. Classic clothes in signature navy and white emerged, with matching pencil skirts and lapel jackets. Next, de la Renta’s white cotton dress brought a touch of innocence to the show, only to be followed up by a black guipure lace blouse with puffed sleeves that ended on a dramatic note. De la Renta left behind an array of styles and moods, leaving Style.com to refer to his show as, “Just lovely, all around.”

Image from style.com.

Image from style.com.


While Diesel’s Black Gold collection is known for its staples (denim + leather), designer Andreas Melbostad took NYFW by pleasant surprise when he displayed Diesel’s Black Gold Spring ’14 collection. While metals, leather and lots of black did take the stage as expected, lots of cotton and white were also present. From white cotton eyelet dresses to gentle camisoles in grey and white, Diesel Black Gold revealed a new bohemian side that was just Diesel enough to still be part of the Black Gold collection.

Image from style.com.

Image from style.com.

DKNY celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Spring runway show this Monday. The label took this opportunity to revisit some of their biggest moments, from the low-backed “naked dress” Carrie Bradshaw once wore as signature street wear. Track pants, sneakers, overalls, blazers and satin-backed gowns adorned the runway, and Karlie Kloss closed the show in a satin-backed gown complete with wedge sneakers. Rita Ora, Brit style sensation, appeared at the end doing a celebratory dance down the runway.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 3.40.52 PM

Image from forbes.com.

Finally, NYFW wrapped up with a show from Calvin Klein. This year, Klein’s brand exposed architecture and construction, but lead designer Francisco Costa labored all of the architecture with a surprising pop of color. While Calvin Klein is typically known for using black, whites and nudes, this year the structured clothes were adorned with the occasional neon pink seam, fringe and even a red tweed dress. Actress Jessica Alba referred to this year’s Calvin Klein show as a note to the “swinging ‘60s.”

Stay tuned with us this week, as we’ll be showing you the highlights from London’s fashion week as well.


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