The Belly of the Beast

We’ve introduced you to Elliott Evan before, but we haven’t showed you anything quite like this.


The “Belly of the Beast” jacket, hand-made by Elliott himself, was inspired by the tough, scaly textured skin of a crocodile. The jacket itself is constructed from cowhide, which is then pressed to resemble a crocodile belly. Next, it’s delicately carved into strips to truly transform into the body of such a semi-aquatic reptile. Each seam has dual topstitching, stand-collars and two-way Italian Lampo zippers. What’s more, the entire jacket is made on a single-needle machine. Finally, the jacket is given a sheen finish to complete the dramatic reptilian look.

Elliott’s jackets embody the evolution of men’s classic leather. Never afraid to push the boundaries on design,  he yet again has created something unique and innovative. The Belly of the Beast jacket leaps over architectural boundaries and creates its own dimension. It’s truly one-of-a-kind.

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