Rankin Selects Heifer International “Hunger” Winner



Heifer International is a charity designed to help families across the world gain sustainable agricultural training, methods to improve nutrition and most of all, hope. They gift livestock to families in need, and in exchange, those families offer one of the animal’s offspring to the next family in need. This give-back policy established by Heifer International has led to aid in Africa, Asia, the South Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe and the Americas.

It was because of this that renowned photographer Rankin and The Hunger were inspired to begin a project to further expand the mission of Heifer International. Together, Rankin and Hunger invited aspiring photographers to submit photos in a competition portraying what the word “hunger” meant to them.

After a series of votes from the public and long consideration by Rankin, a winner has been chosen. Daylon Soh, who claims to have fallen in love with photography at the age of 19 in Japan, draws his inspiration from film and documentaries. He states that his winning “hunger” photo, which was shot inside an open air building in Chinatown, Singapore, wasn’t planned.

“I was on assignment to take photos of food hawkers in Singapore and I spotted an old man sleeping on the chair in the shade. I was worried right until the very moment I pressed the shutter: ‘How would I react if he woke from his slumber?’ … I didn’t realize he was actually suffering from malnutrition until a friend pointed out the lumps on his feet when I shared the photo online.”

This winning photograph will be exhibited at the Fahey-Klein Gallery in Los Angeles on September 17.

For more information on the contest and winner Daylon Soh, visit http://www.hungertv.com/feature/heifer-international-and-hunger-competition-winner-daylon-soh. For information on how to donate to the Heifer Foundation, visit http://heifer.org/.


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