Michael Kohn Gallery Presents Ian Barry






Image from Michael Kohn Gallery

Image from Michael Kohn Gallery


Saturday July 27th – August 31st, 2013, Michael Kohn Gallery presents,

‘The White, The Black, The Kestrel’, an exhibition by Ian Barry. Initially known for customizing existing motorcycles, Barry’s practice evolved to creating original motorcycles from raw materials. On display for the first time, The White, is number four in The Falcon Series. The White emerges from Barry’s exploration into the nature of control, value, perception and communicating the visceral speed, using motorcycles as the translating mechanism.

Alongside The Kestrel and The Black two of Barry’s earlier works from The Falcon Series, new sculptures and framed pieces that further explore Barry’s insight into his references and subject matter will be shown for the first time.

Barry’s passion and intricacy with these products are what have transformed them from an idea of raw materials to emotionally succinct and aesthetical realities. For more information about the upcoming show and Ian Barry, visit http://www.kohngallery.com/.

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