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Courtesy of Yellow Fever

In a creative studio in downtown New York, one company is disrupting the establishment, simply with T-shirts.

Yellow Fever, a T-shirt company that got its start over a decade ago. Following a tumultuous turn in life, the founder decided to make something that helped him escape from life’s woes and also helped to inspire greater things. He started a clothing line, and since its official start in 2002, Yellow Fever has begun receiving credibility from all over the world.

Actor Gerard Butler Wearing Yellow Fever, courtesy of Yellow Fever

Actor Gerard Butler Wearing Yellow Fever, courtesy of Yellow Fever

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Supermodel Irina Shayk wearing YellowFever, courtesy of Yellow Fever.

Yellow Fever did experience success years ago, with a collection available at Bloomingdales nationwide and a flagship store in New York City. Unfortunately, with the economic downturn the brand has lost the store and had a halt in production. This is why the brand has begun a KickStarter campaign.

Their message is a philosophy that “embodies a sense of community and for the betterment of the world at large.” This is why every Yellow Fever shirt is made with 100% cotton, and includes a hangtag that has flower seeds imbedded. These hangtags can be planted directly, and will sprout flowers or herbs in as little as 5 days. The label on the back of Yellow Fever shirts will also be made out of canvas that can be taken off and reused for art.

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Linda Vojtova wearing Yellow Fever, courtesy of Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever’s goal is to reach $2,000 to start with, in order to produce a curated collection of 10 shirts. Next, their goal will be to reach $15,000 with which they will produce a collection of shirts for the public.

They’re 70% of the way to their initial goal, but still need your help! To learn more about Yellow Fever’s campaign, visit


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