Denim Trends Throughout History, Pt. 1

Denim has always had a reputation for being a durable workwear fabric. But since the early ’30s, denim has also been a symbol of fashion– the one trend that lasts through every decade.


Image from Cowboy Lands

When westerns exploded onto the scene in the ’30s, cowboys became the epitome of independence, mystery and American style– the thing every man wanted to be and every woman admired. And every cowboy, from John Wayne to Richard Boone, wore a pair of bootcut jeans.


Image from Valet Mag

Jeans continued to soar post-westerns, with Hollywood’s biggest celebrities playing star roles in them. James Dean (the official rebel without a cause) and Marilyn Monroe (the sexiest woman alive at the time) both wore cuffed jeans in their biggest ’50s films, making denim a bold fashion statement yet again.


Image from Jacob Davis USA

In the ’60s, denim become a big fashion statment yet again. Hippies, celebrities and famous musicians like Bob Dylan chose jeans as their signature style, and soon jeans weren’t enough. Denim shirts and jackets immediately became a must-have for every young adult, and double-denim became a trend in itself.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Denim Trends in History next week.

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