“The Wild One”


Image from Rebellious Gentleman

It didn’t get any cooler than Marlon Brando in the ‘50s. American movie legend and the style icon, Brando was the marker in not only motion pictures, but also in fashion.

At a time where jeans were for the working class dayshifts and cowboys, Marlon Brando stepped out in cuffed jeans, leather jackets and motorcycle boots in films such as “A Streetcar Named Desire” and “The Wild One,” sending teen fashion into a craze.

As a cultural icon, Brando (and his signature denim look) became something that young men were aspiring to be and young women couldn’t get enough of. His moody glare, heavy leather and rebel denim made a fashion statement that would never step back out of the spotlight.

Ever since stars like Brando and James Dean emerged in jeans in the ‘50s, denim has symbolized a cool, carefree attitude that people all over the world want to have.  Some trends go in and out of style, but there’s one that will withstand all generations and seasons: DENIM.

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