“Photographer Rankin Featured in HypeBeast”

  • RankinIf you haven’t yet heard of the British-born multifaceted media savant, Rankin, you may want to run to your newsstand and pick up the latest HypeBeast magazine. John Rankin Waddell is famously noted for producing some of the world’s most celebrated fashion and portraiture images.

    He opened a pop-up gallery in Hollywood, LA for two years where he showcased his striking body of work and featured intriguing collaborations with notable figures such as artist Damien Hirst.

    Hypebeast Magazine is a lifestyle publication which features compelling interviews and photo-shoots with pioneers and influencers across the creative fileds of : fashion / art / music / design / architecture to name a few.

    In the new issue of Hypebeast titled. ‘Archetypes’ we see a 3 page feature on Rankin which includes a Q&A and images of some of his great achievements to date.

    If you can’t get down to the newsstand to pick up the newest edition of HypeBeast, please be sure to check out Rankin’s website (http://rankin.co.uk/home). We know that you’ll be amazed at his talents and imagery.Image

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