Collaborate and Listen… To Rankin

Fashion and film have always had a symbiotic relationship, feeding off each other in a mutually inclusive act of creativity and art. No one understands this necessary and influential relationship better than world-renowned photographer, Rankin, who has recently become involved in a project meant to stimulate young British filmmakers out of obscurity and launch them upon the world.
In a column in the Huffington Post, Rankin discusses his latest project, Collabor8te, and why, “[He’s] worried that a lot of potential young filmmakers [are] giving up on their dreams and of us, as a filmmaking nation, losing talent.” Rankin continued to say that he feels, “we need to create real opportunities for talented individuals a shot at realizing their own potential.”
Rankin’s prolific magazine, The Hunger, has also focused on talented British filmmaking with the release of their latest issue, by showcasing the elusive Daniel Craig and beauty Naomie Harris from the recently released 007 film,Skyfall. While this installment emphasizes the importance of British film, the magazine consistently offers innovative features on photography, fashion, art, film, drama, and music.
To celebrate the release of Issue 3, a visual exhibition at the RANKIN Gallery in Los Angeles opens today, Tuesday November 27, and will run for six weeks. For gallery opening times, click here.
To read more about the current climate of British filmmaking and more of Rankin’s thoughts on the subject, click here to view the whole article.

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