Rankin Meets Saulnier

     Photographer Rankin and makeup artist Caroline Saulnier are two of the most respected practitioners in their professions. Collaborating on Rankin’s third beauty book in a unique series of unprecedented beauty artistry. The book reveals and expresses the aesthetic styles of both artists: sensual, visually compelling and avant-garde.  The show features images that are dark, slightly wicked, expressing the creative vision of both artists.

            Rankin, the former co-founder of Dazed and Confused magazine has blazed new territory to provide inspiring works of art that have been featured in editorials and advertising campaigns. He works to uncover the natural and to question the traditional notions of beauty. As a photographer he has shot bands, artists, supermodels, politicians and everyone from the Queen of Pop to the Queen of England. Rankin has secured his place in contemporary iconography. In November 2011, Rankin launched the biannual fashion magazine The Hunger as well as the accompanying website hungertv.com, a video-based site.

            Caroline Saulnier has found her own vision through an exploration of the dark and light within her personality and after 25 years she has come to experiment with unusual textures and bold pigments that produce fascinating results. The makeup itself becomes a work of art boldly placed on the face of a model.

            With over 30 published books, exhibitions in international shows and galleries in London and Los Angeles, Rankin has proven he is a permanent force not to be reckoned with. Though this is Caroline Saulnier’s first book the result is an example of the mastery of makeup artistry and fashion photography, the combination of which creates a brilliant work of art.

 Please click here to view the fascinating teaser video as featured on Hunger TV:



 ‘Caroline Saulnier by Rankin’ is available to purchase from Amazon:



All images credit: © Rankin.

Book credit: © Rankin / Caroline Saulnier 

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