This Side Up – Bill Barminski/Walter Robot

Accomplished artist Bill Barminski returns after a five-year hiatus with a show titled, ‘This Side Up’; a multilayered exhibition featuring cardboard sculpture, video and painting.

This Side Up’ debuts on September 8th at the Santa Monica, Robert Berman Gallery and will run for four weeks.  Working in collaboration with Christopher Louie, the two have created an intriguing body of work that is fun and tactile.


A colorful array of spray cans, skateboards, audio cassettes, headphones and guns, all meticulously made of cardboard and paint, with some objects deceivingly real at first glance, and cartoonish at second. These items are accompanied by video animations, and painting that all share the artist’s provocative narrative. The sculptures are meant to be touched and handled; evoking reminders of our youth, and bringing out the innerchild, and alter-egos in all of us.

“Cardboard is a throw-away commodity; we hardly think of it. It’s the box that the stuff we buy comes in; it’s actually a great material to work with; you can find it everywhere; in a weird way its like found art.” Bill Barminski

Barminski and Louie also go by the pseudonym, ‘Walter Robot’, a fictitious director born out of the pair’s combined talent for directing films, commercials and music videos. They’ve directed music videos for notable acts such as: Gnarls BarkleyKid CudiVitalicRob Thomas of Matchbox 20 and Death Cab for Cutie (‘Grapevine Fires’, was accepted into the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival where it won Audience Award for Best Music Video).


Some of their films have been controversial as they depict a masked man using cardboard weapons to destroy famous works of art. Banksy’s “Haring Dog,” Shephard Fairey’s OBEY, Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall and Picasso’s “Weeping Woman”.

“The point here is what is real? Did we really deface someone’s work? Strictly speaking, no. It’s all done digitally; it’s fake. Or is it? Does any of it really matter in a world where being televised is in some ways more real than real?” Bill Barminski

This Side Up

Barminski’s inventive cardboard objects were featured at a collaborative show in London in 2011 by POW, other works included street art by: Banksyevol, Paul InsectWayne WhiteTiltDran and James Cauty.


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