Flaunt Magazine ‘Denim Issue’

ImageFlaunt Magazine ‘The Denim Issue’ now available on newsstands nationwide, invites you to examine, analyze, tear apart, patch back pages together, get into the knitty  gritty twill of denim.

Enclosed and bound in an actual denim cover, supported by long time collaborators with the magazine – Guess Jeans.  ‘The Denim Issue’ captures who’s who of all the denim’s movers and shakers; whether they be manufacturers, retailers, or consumers; global powerhouses or independent artisanal trend setters.  Flaunt goes all the way to Turkey and Japan for denim insight and of course captures the contemporary look of denim out of Los Angeles.  But right before you start your first chapter in your new denim bible,  pause at the Joel Kyack created cover.  He features denim “sans,” the models and goes another laughable route with balloons.  The issue rotates with three leading celebrity actresses: Eva Green, Anna Faris and Freida Pinto (We snatched one of Freida Pinto, hoping to get an autograph.)

“I’m really proud of the ground we’ve broken with this issue.  Other magazines are getting thinner and smaller to save money, but we’ve gone in the other direction, and built something that, when you hold it in your hands, lets you feel just how extraordinary print publishing can be.  It seems like a turning point for a new era creativity in print.”   Luis Barajas, FLAUNT Founder / Editor-In-Chief

‘The Denim Issue’ stitches articles together with Sam Claflin, Dane DeHaan, Olga Kurylenko wearing Guess archives, Mélanie Thierry and Sebastian Stan wearing Diesel head to his denim rivets by Renzo Rosso’s pet project line Our Glory. Contemporary denim is put to test and aced by six different renowned photographers Paolo Zerbini, Franck Sauvaire, Taghi Naderzad, Josh McNey, Rachel Bank, and Lorenzo Marcucci.  And much much more.

“These collaborations represent a new direction for the publishing landscape: the intricate thoughtful collaborations between the brand and publication that don’t take backseat in editorial. The key emphasis is on collaboration, so that brands may tell their story with flair, ingenuity, and individuality.” Maxwell William FLAUNT/ Executive Editor
It wouldn’t be a Flaunt Magazine if there wasn’t the element of surprise; an interview with infamous denim icon ‘Daisy Duke,’ herself, British rock star Lawrence (once in a band named Denim), a profile of how the Knicks basketball star got his name “Jorts,” and a visual trip to where denim sometimes calls home; Nimes, France.
So it’s time to go run to the newsstands, pick up your denim bible and get reading on your denim versus’

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