Fashion And The Freeway

Helena Christensen at The Bullrun Rally

It’s 10am on Hollywood Blvd. and Spiderman, Marilyn Monroe, Darth Vader and a plethora of other characters outside the Chinese Theatre are already hot, awaiting the early bird tourists to take a snapshot with them for a few bucks.  Today though, the cameras are pointed at the road. The whole north side of the boulevard is closed as a line of supercars stretches out into the distance.  This is The Bullrun,  which according to The London Times, is ‘the world’s most glamorous road rally.’

Sure enough, it is a super sexy affair, and at the center of it all we find one of the world’s fastest growing denim companies – Hudson Jeans about to start the 3000 mile round trip through some of the West Coast’s most spectacular spots.  Their team looks, as one would expect, as cool as only a couple of denim mavens could as they are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime (actually not quite, as they did it the year before, and won it.)

The Hudson girl – Georgia May Jagger, looking… comfortable in her Hudson jeans.

We caught up with Team Hudson and asked them and the other Bullrunners about the most stylish elements of car culture across the ages, and we picked our favorite suggestions to include here…

‘The King Of Cool’ Steve McQueen – a style icon and auto-enthusiast rolled into one.

Bona Fide Fashion Supermodel and race driver – Jodie Kidd is the sexiest woman alive ever to frequent the track and the runway with equal poise and grace.

Yes, that’s the same Jodie Kidd

The 2012 Fendi and Maserati Gran Cabrio collaboration is one of many luxury fashion brand and auto partnerships.

To be chic in Europe is not automatic, in this case it’s 4 speed.

Ralph Lauren and his baby… named Bugatti.

So if you’re in Los Angeles this Saturday, we’re expecting the Bullrunners (at least most of them) to come back into town.  After seven days and 3000 miles, those Hudson boys might not be looking quite so stylish at the finish-line as they were at the start, but they’ll maybe be, or at least feel, little bit more like Steve McQueen.

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