Roark @ H.Lorenzo

Los Angeles is a funny place during [fashion] market week.  Years ago it used to be called ‘LA Fashion Week’, but now that would be a misinterpretation of what goes on; London, Paris, Milan or New York it ain’t.  However, this is a good thing.  When Los Angeles was trying to be a Fashion Week, all that could possibly happen was that it would suffer by comparison.  Now no-one thinks of it that way; the pressure and limelight is off, and Los Angeles can get on with doing what it does best – provide glimpses of excellence in, dare we say, wearable yet directional fashion design.

Nowhere is that excellence more apparent than down Hunter Street.  That’s the location for Roark HQ. Roark are a collective of creatives that are becoming quite the voice of LA fashion, and this last week, they threw quite the party of LA market week too.

In association with Flaunt Magazine, this was one of the stand out events of the week.  Sure, it was in a store, but what a store..  H.Lorenzo is one of the shining lights of fashion forward stores anywhere in the country (and yes, that includes you New York) and for them to give over their entire first floor to Roark is testament to the belief they have in the line.  And anyway, for one night only it was transformed into Roark’s version of The Emerald City.  Except this time it wasn’t Emerald, it was jet black.


The night was lubricated by Voli and attended by 500 impossibly cool Angelinos (also all seemingly in black) and was sponsored by the one, the only Flaunt Magazine.

So who are Roark?  Well, they don’t seek limelight, and they have transcended any ‘L.A’ pigeon-holing to become one of the most exciting brands anywhere, but as for who they are… they remain for now, rather enigmatic.




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