and Samsara host fashion VIPs at The Four Seasons teamed up with Hennessy to celebrate the latest Samsara Men’s Silver Accessories collection, by presenting one of the most sophisticated events held during the PROJECT trade show in Las Vegas.  The private room at Charlie Palmer’s in The Four Seasons Hotel laid host to VIP guests from the fashion world who were treated to 50-yr-old Hennessy, signature Samsara and cocktails, and the most wonderful canapés straight from Charlie Palmer’s kitchen.

The centerpiece of the evening was the complete Samsara collection. Not only a collection of beautifully crafted works of art, and one of the industry’s best examples of fine silver-work, but also a range in which each piece represents a specific philosophy or spiritual message of eastern origin.  Whether it be the Khadga – ‘Sword Of Wisdom’  pendant, or  the Vaisravana – ‘Deity of Good Fortune’ ring, each piece is both extraordinary and meaningful.  For some reason the Samsara reps weren’t willing to lend me the Vaisravana ring for an evening at the roulette table (was it the glazed look in my eye after one or two of those cocktails?), but the great company and gracious hospitality more than made up for it.

Special thanks to The Four Seasons, Charlie Palmer’s, Hennessy, Samsara (especially Wayne and Michael), and everyone who attended.

We asked a few questions on behalf of to get a feel for what’s shaping up in the fashion industry for FW’12.

Wayne Chang (left in picture)- CEO of Samsara Men’s Accessories.
Words to define fashion in 2012: “Asian’centric, affordable fashion.”
Samsara’s Brand Message:  “Consciousness elevated. Each piece should remind the person wearing it to do better for themselves, the world, and each other.”

Marc Berger – Vice President and Publisher of Menswear Magazine and Men’s Week.
Words to define fashion in 2012:  “Innovative, colorful, refreshing, very tailored.”
Menswear Magazine Brand Message:  “We are the voice of the industry”.

Michael Silver (right in picture) – President/CEO of Silver Jeans Co.
Words to define fashion in 2012:  “I’m pissed off with trends. I’m against trends. They are born in the morning and die at night and I need something that lasts slightly longer then the stubble on my chin.”  Silver Jeans Co. Brand Message:  “We’re not afraid to have fun.”

Johnny Lozano (right in picture) – Stylist with Kill City.
Words to define fashion in 2012:  “Fierceness, slutty, scandalous, short & tight.”
Kill City Brand message: “Two Rolling Stone covers and a September issue of Vogue!  Kill City – more crap for the masses.”

Caitlin Macbeth (left in picture) with Botkier.
Words to define fashion in 2012: “Trends, color blocking, pastels, online shopping, mixed metals/hardware, luxury designers.”
Botkier Brand Message:  “High designer, accessible luxury.”

Marcus Hall (center in picture)- CEO of Marc Nelson Denim.
Words that define fashion in 2012:  “MARC NELSON DENIM…is sexy.”  Marc Nelson Brand Message:  “Made in the USA and hand crafted.”
Ben Recknagel with 020608 Tears of Bleu.
Words that define fashion in 2012: “Same, same, same, same, same, same.”  Tears Of Bleu Brand Message:  “Tears of Bleu is the best denim brand around in the moment.”

Will Redgate with Blank NYC (left in picture) and Ethan Rose with Field of Peace.
Words that define fashion in 2012:  “The color trend is going to continue… with fall runway returning back to basic grays and neutral colors.”
Blank NYC Brand message:  “Just six months, and I have never seen something retail and move the way this product moves.”

Carl Jones (right in picture) with Bleu Lab.
Words to define fashion in 2012: “I’m already in 2013.”
Bleu Lab Brand Message:  “Option! Reversible jeans, day to night, print to solid and so on.”

Visit Samsara’s website here

Visit here

Visit Hennessy here

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